Police Shootings of Civilians

23 Feb 2018

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) condemns the police brutality witnessed yesterday when police shot dead innocent civilians and injured others in Harare CBD.

There are conflicting reports of how many were killed and injured. The shootings which occurred after the police had a misunderstanding with a commuter omnibus crew turned fatal when police opened fire and in the process shot passers, sparking riots by the public demanding justice and accountability from the police.

No lives should be lost in the hands of the police under whatever circumstances and we urge the police to adopt humane and civilised policing strategies when dealing with the public. The duty of the police is to enforce the law in a civilised manner that protects life and human dignity. The use of live ammunition against unarmed civilians is the worst form of policing that should not be tolerated.

Such bad policing instigates violence as the public is forced take the law into their own hands seeking justice denied, when the protecting authority turns cannibal.

We urge the responsible authorities to swiftly institute investigations into the shootings and ensure that the responsible police officer (s) is brought to book. The police must also make a public apology for the unfortunate act.

We are calling upon the state and police authorities to desist from archaic governance and policing. At the same time the ZCTU urges citizens to demand their rights and good governance from authorities.

Japhet Moyo


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