Information Department

Mr. Last Tarabuku, Head of Information Department

The department has the following obligations:

  • Arranges publicity for the organization through Press statements, press conferences, and other means such outreach programmes such as exhibitions
  • Analyses press and media information with a view of preparing responses based on the organization’s principles, that is press statements or media releases
  • Advises the leadership on topical issues that require dissemination
  • Identifies, selects, processes and disseminates both hard copy and electronic information on the organization
  • Prepares and writes speeches for leadership
  • Liaises with the Press
  • Acts as an intermediary between the organization and members facilitating communication links.
  • Answers enquiries from the public and other stakeholders or providing information to the public when it is needed.
  • Carries out awareness or alerting services on the issues at hand, also create and maintain public awareness of organization’s policies and actions
  • Conducts online and internet research and retrieving information in order to provide an up to date information dissemination service
  • Writes reports, updating and managing the organization’s website as an important tool in information dissemination.
  • Responsible for the organization publications, e.g newsletters, annual reports, newspaper
  • Maintains Library database
  • Publishes The Worker Newspaper


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