Information Department

Last Tarabuku
Last Tarabuku, Acting Head of Information and Editor of The Worker


Manages the communication of the organization both internally and externally, Providing liaison with media, various publics, NGO’s and other stake holders, and secures relevant information resources for the Secretariat, union leaders and affiliates.


  • Arranges publicity for the organization through press conferences and outreach programmes such as  exhibitions
  • Analyses press and media information  with a view  of preparing responses based on the organization’s principles, that is press statements or media releases
  • Advises the Secretariat and heads of Departments on topical issues that require dissemination to membership
  • Identifies, selects, processes and disseminates both hard copy and electronic information on the organization
  • Prepares and writes speeches for leadership and other staff members
  • Liaises with the Press
  • online slots
  • Acts as an intermediary between the organization and members facilitating communication links. Answers enquiries from the public and other stakeholders or providing information to the public when it is needed.
  • Carries  out awareness or alerting services on the issues at hand, also create and  maintain public awareness of organization’s policies and actions
  • Conducts online and internet research and  retrieving information in order to provide an up to date information dissemination service
  • Writes reports, updating and managing the organization’s website as an important tool in information dissemination.
  • Responsible for the organization publications, e.g newsletters, annual reports, newspaper
  • Establishes and maintains Library database


The Worker Newspaper
The Worker Newspaper is the voice of the labour movement in Zimbabwe. It was initiated in 1988 as an alternative voice for the workers in Zimbabwe after the then government, in an effort to suppress growing voices of dissent, imposed a media blackout on all Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) activities and instructed the public media to report negatively on the ZCTU.

The paper is wholly owned by the ZCTU .It was launched in March 1992 following a ZCTU Resolution of 1990, which, among other things, called for establishment of a worker’s newspaper to air the views of the ZCTU after relations between the government and ZCTU had soured, and the trade union movement was not getting any publicity from the then largely controlled state media.

The newspaper, which is published monthly, covers labour, political, economic, social and, sport issues in Zimbabwe. It is targeted at the general population in Zimbabwe, but mainly targeted at the more than 160 000 members of the various affiliates of the ZCTU. It is distributed through street newspaper vendors, nationwide newspaper distribution agents and through ZCTU’s 31 affiliate unions and six regional offices.