NSSA Biometric Registration System: 19 000 Pensioners Face a Bleak Future

3 Oct 2017

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) is concerned with reports that close to 19 000 pensioners who have failed to register with the NSSA biometric system will not be able to access their pensions as of this month, condemning the already poverty-stricken elderly to destitution.

NSSA must bear in mind that some of these people live in remote areas and might have no access to the media and might also not have heard about the NSSA deadline to register under the system. With the current shortages of cash, it is possible that some did not have bus fare to travel to registration centers

Wishing away 19 000 pensioners is not only insensitive, but also callous. In any case, the NSSA biometric registration deadline is not governed by  law and therefore NSSA must make sure that every pensioner is registered and get his or her payout.

The ZCTU calls upon NSSA to reconsider its position and make sure that those who have not registered continue to receive their payouts while the registration process continues. NSSA must make every effort to make sure that everyone is registered.

S. Mutindindi


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