Reinstatement of President Peter Mutasa to NSSA

19 Oct 2017

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) welcomes the move by the newly appointed Minster of Public Service Labour and Social Welfare, Patrick Zhuwao, to reinstate ZCTU President Peter Mutasa as member of the National Social Security authority (NSSA) board.

President Mutasa was removed by former Minister Prisca Mupfumira on flimsy reasons of allegedly failing to advance the interest of NSSA by attacking the institution in meetings and the media. The former Minister also claimed then that Comrade Mutasa had failed to uphold confidentiality of board discussions.

Mutasa was on record for refusing to rubber stamp questionable decisions made outside board meetings. He also questioned some dubious investment decisions that were made on political grounds. He had become a stumbling block to those at NSSA who were used to looting workers money and making questionable ‘investment’ decisions without questions being asked.

The ZCTU believes that Minister Zhuwao has started on a good footing and he must move faster and institute a forensic audit of NSSA as the ZCTU believes there was a lot of looting of funds. NSSA is the custodian of workers’ money and the ZCTU cannot just stand by and watch people dipping their hands while the beneficiaries, the workers, get peanuts as payouts.


Japhet Moyo


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