SADC Must Allow Zimbabweans to Solve their Problems

17 Nov 2017

The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) notes that the SADC Organ Troika Plus Council met in Gaborone Botswana on 16th  November 2017 and recommended that an urgent Extra Ordinary SADC Summit on Zimbabwe be convened to discuss the Zimbabwean situation.

We acknowledge the position and view of the Troika and their efforts in trying to resolve the Zimbabwean crisis.

However, in light of the Troika’s call for a an Extra Ordinary Summit, we implore SADC to consider the views of the citizens of Zimbabwe and not the interest of those who want to remain in power. Any decision must be reached on the unavoidable premise that the most important part of the solution is for President Robert Mugabe to step down immediately and allow the citizens to chart their preferred way forward.

We implore SADC to allow Zimbabweans to solve their problems without undue and biased interference. We also remind SADC that when Zimbabweans complained about dictatorship and tyrannical rule of President Robert Mugabe, they took a position that Zimbabweans must solve their own problems. The current situation should not be an exception, Zimbabweans must be allowed and given sufficient chance to solve their problems.

The ZCTU General Council, the highest decision making body in between the Congresses, will meet on 18 November 2017 to come up with a definitive and comprehensive pronouncement on the whole Zimbabwean situation.

Japhet Moyo


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