ZCTU Welcomes President Robert Mugabe's Resignation

22 Nov 2017
The Zimbabwe Congress of Trade Unions (ZCTU) welcomes the long overdue resignation of President Robert Mugabe and calls on the incoming President to immediately come up with a transitional mechanism that is inclusive of all Zimbabweans.
We note his immense contribution to the liberation of Zimbabwe and wish him well in his retirement.
For the past 37 years, Zimbabweans have been traumatised by the Mugabe administration (that included the incoming President) and it is time to open a new page. The new administration should try to build consensus based on people's aspirations for a better Zimbabwe.
We also implore the new administration to inject fresh faces into government instead of recycling the same people who have failed over the years. We are aware of people who have become career Ministers and have been in government for the past 37 years. Some of these people have sordid past and are well known thieves and thugs. There is need to cultivate a new culture were people are appointed to public offices based on performance rather than loyalty to leaders. Zimbabwe has abundant talent and the new administration must cast its net wide, even  beyond borders.
The ZCTU reiterates that:
  1. A timeframe bound inclusive Transitional Authority should prepare the country to hold free and fair elections. Zimbabweans must be given an opportunity to elect leaders of their choice. The country can only move forward through instilling a new sense of belonging to all citizens based on the principle of collectivism.
  2. For the country to move forward, a Truth and Reconciliation Commission must be put in place
  3. There is need for responsive, open and accountable government that will reform State Institutions that have previously been used to oppress people.
  4. Only pro-poor programs that are based on a social contract will move the country forward.
  5. The ZCTU is opposed to neoliberal narrative because it is based on oppression of workers through dangerous and imposed concepts such as Labour market flexibility, austerity and ill-informed Economic Structural Adjustment programs and the enrichment of a few individuals and corporates at the expense of the toiling masses.
  6. Justice must be done to workers who lost their jobs following the Supreme Court ruling of 15 July 2015.
  7. It is essential that we have a  quick restoration of our basic socio-economic rights among them:
    .       Education and Heath for all
    .       Reliable and affordable public transport.
    .       Decent housing for all
    .       Decent jobs and decent wages
  8. Restoration of all the lost freedoms and a return to constitutionalism is of paramount importance.
  9. We look forward to the promotion of Decent Work as well as Labour Law Reforms that have stalled for a long time
  10. Zimbabwe is in a serious crisis and the new leaders must declare the country Heavily Indebted Poor Country.
Above all, we have started as a collective and inclusive people, the way forward for our dear country must be decided by the collective. These are part of the key result indicators with which we shall measure the incoming administration.
Japhet Moyo


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